Rowan and George are constantly going in my Spam Folder. 

Just for your information. 



On Tue, Apr 18, 2017, at 05:30 AM, Rowan Thorpe wrote:
> (geo: I just saw the video - great work!)
> regenaxer: I suspect there is something subtly strange with the
> mailing-list configuration - for some reason none of the recent emails
> to the list from geo got through to me, but everyone else's did (I
> read the thread on the list's web-archive OK, but it got me wondering
> if any other emails never got through). Because the list-software
> doesn't set SPF/DKIM headers, at first I thought it was just my spam
> filters being overzealous, but his emails are not in my spam folder
> either (yet older spam messages are still there, so they hadn't been
> put there and then purged). Even though I never delete list-emails I
> checked to see if I'd somehow accidentally deleted only his and no-one
> else's(!), but they weren't in the "trash" either. Other people have
> clearly received his emails via the list, so my guess is that Google
> servers (and perhaps others) are bouncing certain list-emails - from
> geo at least - for some obscure reason. Could you please check if your
> logs show bounced messages with unusual responses? Can anyone
> registered to the list with a Google Apps or Gmail address
> confirm/deny they had the same problem?
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> Rowan Thorpe
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> worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a
> problem." - Harold Stephens
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