Hi Rowan,

> mailing-list configuration - for some reason none of the recent emails
> to the list from geo got through to me, but everyone else's did (I
> read the thread on the list's web-archive OK, but it got me wondering
> if any other emails never got through). Because the list-software

Indeed something must be wrong with the mailing list. We observe rejected mails
rather often :(

> doesn't set SPF/DKIM headers, at first I thought it was just my spam

I have no idea, and not a very deep knowledge of the mail protocol.

In fact, everyone of us has the source of the PicoLisp mailing list server. It
is in the PicoLisp distribution, e.g. in /usr/share/picolisp/misc/mailing, or
locally in misc/mailing.

Perhaps some of you can check the source, and send me proposals for improvement?

♪♫ Alex
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