Dear PicoLisp programmers,

Hi! I am Nehal, a new PicoLisp learner and programmer from India.

I am currently working on making simple, easy to begin with PicoLisp
Documentation for school students. Usually children are taught Java, C++
but my objective is to have them started with PicoLisp so that they learn
programming as well as other core subjects such as Math, Physics with the
aid of PicoLisp.  Through this experience they not only will have knack on
several subjects with practical learning but will also hone skills in
PicoLisp, a virtual machine and language they can befriend for life.

In this light, I recently published an article on Kindly see:
<> .

This document is currently having less examples. I would like to have
something more appended to it.

I will be grateful if you can visit the link and give me feedback.
Suggestions, extensions are requested and welcome.

Thank you so much.


सा विद्या या विमुक्तये

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