i would update Definitions, assignment and bindings

Let is only used for local

Am 31. Juli 2017 16:07:38 MESZ schrieb Nehal <nehalsingha...@gmail.com>:
>Dear PicoLisp programmers,
>Hi! I am Nehal, a new PicoLisp learner and programmer from India.
>I am currently working on making simple, easy to begin with PicoLisp
>Documentation for school students. Usually children are taught Java,
>but my objective is to have them started with PicoLisp so that they
>programming as well as other core subjects such as Math, Physics with
>aid of PicoLisp.  Through this experience they not only will have knack
>several subjects with practical learning but will also hone skills in
>PicoLisp, a virtual machine and language they can befriend for life.
>In this light, I recently published an article on picolisp.com. Kindly
>This document is currently having less examples. I would like to have
>something more appended to it.
>I will be grateful if you can visit the link and give me feedback.
>Suggestions, extensions are requested and welcome.
>Thank you so much.
>सा विद्या या विमुक्तये

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