Hi Arie,

I would like to send a more detailed reply later. I'm the author of the
flinux writeup. It's been a few years and things don't work as nicely as
they did back then.

I retested some the writeup today. I was unable to get the flinux static
option working. I was able to get flinux dynamic working, but the archlinux
distro is out of date and I wouldn't recommend going down that path any

After the flinux experiment, I did do some work with a precusor to WSL,
midipix[1], which seems to still work.

The last time I tried WSL it had issues with database locking. I need to do
some more experiments on WSL now that I have a Win-10 machine

I have another option that I've used over the years, midipix, but it's out
of date as well.

Your best bet is probably to go with WSL or cygwin/msys for now.

When I first put all this together, there was little interest. It sounds
like there is more interest now so I'll see if I can dust it off and bring
it up to date


On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 11:06 AM, Philipp Geyer <phil...@geyer.co.uk> wrote:

> Based on the instructions on the site, it looks like the next steps are
> to build pil on Linux, and then run the linux binary on Windows through
> flinux.
> I have not tried pil in WSL yet (my only Windows text machine is Win7),
> and I don't think that's a solution for my specific problem (to have a
> simple environment for an end user with no technical experience) but I
> have had some luck building pil with mingw/msys which provide a POSIX
> compatibility layer on top of Windows. I have not (yet) managed to get
> anything 100% working, but I'm optimistic. Currently if I build with
> msys2, I can get an executable which I believe passed the tests, but
> requires msys2.dll to be in the library path (which includes the
> executable directory of course) but I believe that if you build with
> mingw without msys, it builds against msvcrt directly, and links in the
> compatibility layer. This is what I haven't managed yet.
> As I said though, I'm optimistic, and it's something I need for my
> project.
> Philipp Geyer/Nistur
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