On 27/07/07, David Keijser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello, Im somewhat new to PIDA and the latest days i have been doing
> some work now and then on a little plugin to perform unit tests using
> the untitest module in python. it's still in what I would consider
> beta stage but it's already quite usefull ( if you find unit testing
> usefull at all that is ;)
> it's available from the pida webpage as 'Unit Tester', when I write
> this only a old version is there, but the new one (v 0.1.1) is
> hopefully approved soon.
> You can add several python modules which the plugin will scan for
> subclasses of TestCase and present the result of the tests in a tree.
> By selecting an failed test in the tree you can view the backtrace.
> All suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Hi David,

Good work. I am approving it now. I am sure this is a plugin that many
people will find useful.


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