On 27/07/07, David Keijser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello, Im somewhat new to PIDA and the latest days i have been doing
> some work now and then on a little plugin to perform unit tests using
> the untitest module in python. it's still in what I would consider
> beta stage but it's already quite usefull ( if you find unit testing
> usefull at all that is ;)
> it's available from the pida webpage as 'Unit Tester', when I write
> this only a old version is there, but the new one (v 0.1.1) is
> hopefully approved soon.
> You can add several python modules which the plugin will scan for
> subclasses of TestCase and present the result of the tests in a tree.
> By selecting an failed test in the tree you can view the backtrace.
> All suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Hi David,

I have had a chance to use your plugin. It seems that you have created
actions to show and hide the view, but you have not created a UI
definition to enable any menu or toolbar entries. The main UI
definition (which is loaded automatically) should be called the same
name as your plugin and should be in the uidef/ directory of the
plugin. You can see examples in almost all of the other

Another point, which was raised is that you are running the tests
inside pida's python interpreter. While this might be fine in general,
it may pose a serious problem inside pida if it blocks (since gtk main
loop will not be able to run). In general we spawn new Python
interpreters for this kind of thing.

I will continue to add feedback as I use the plugin more.



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