Ali Afshar wrote:
> Ok, this is obviously a problem. I think I understand what it is, but
> might we have some propert "steps to reproduce" please?

These steps are taken on Ubuntu 7.10, Gnome, compiz with metacity 
decoration, with no local vim customizations:

1. Launch PIDA with embedded vim - editor is not initially focused

2. CTRL-SHIFT-E - does not focus the editor. In fact, at this point,
    PIDA does not seem to notice any keyboard input.

3. Click in editor window to focus.

4. With vim focused, CTRL-SHIFT-F - does not focus the file browser.

5. Open file browser with mouse.

6. CTRL-SHIFT-E will now focus the editor, but CTRL-SHIFT-F will not
    return focus to the file browser

7. With vim focused, CTRL-SHIFT-T does not open a shell. Additionally,
    vim status line reports 'E73: tag stack empty'

8. Open a terminal window from the menu. (Tools > Run Shell). The
    terminal has focus.

9. CTRL-SHIFT-E returns focus to the editor, but CTRL-SHIFT-I will not
    return focus to the terminal.

I'm not going to go through every possible combination of keyboard 
shortcuts - the general observation is that when the embedded vim has 
focus, the PIDA shortcuts do not work. When the PIDA UI has focus, they 
do work.


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