khiraly wrote:
> I think pida need improvement of file browsing capabilities.
> So I tried collecting ideas, and I post here of getting feedback about
> these ideas.
> I. File browser inside pida (Ctrl-Shift-F)
> It need the ".." in the list.
> Right now it is not easy to go a directory up only using the keyboard.
Shift-control-Up cursor key. This is configurable in "edit shortcuts"

> II. When I start pida with only a filename option:
> pida ./
> 1. It would be nice if pida opens the file (right now I need to reopen
> that file
> from the file->open menu)
I agree
> 2. Would be nice if file browser changes the current directory to
> this.
File manager tends to change to the last-opened directory, and then the 
project-directories. I suspect that is better than what you suggest, but 
am certainly open for discussion.

> III. Changing the current directory from the shell
> introduce a command like: pida-cwd and pida-cwd ~
> Which sends the specified directory to pida, and the current directory
> if no argument was.
> This could be combined with midnight commander awesome navigating
> capabilities would be a killer feature.
Yes, this is a very good idea, and we already have the framework (see 
> IV. Sending a file to open in pida
> introduce a command: pida-openfile ./
> And pida would open that file in the editor.
We already have this "pida-remote". In fact if you open a 
directory with pida-remote or with Vim using :e ~ for example, the PIDA 
file manager will browse to that directory. It's not perfect though, 
because Vim also displays the directory. Adding a remote command to 
change directory would be great, and relatively simple for any hackers 
out there.


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