I guess I'll have to add my suggestions there too, as i'm feeling some lacks
in pida browser. It's just my humble opinion about features that'd feel
great in pida, not any shouting. If one day I'm able to code better than
pitifully in python, and find time to do it, i'll probably contribute to
this. Btw, pida loves me, aren't you all jealous?

> I. File browser inside pida (Ctrl-Shift-F)
> > It need the ".." in the list.
> Shift-control-Up cursor key. This is configurable in "edit shortcuts"

great keyboard shortcut (for ..), but for some strange reasons, ctrl-shift F
wont get me out of vim (i guess this is compiz related as it was working
before i installed it, and I tryed to switch from emerald decorator to
metacity (keeping compiz enabled) and that changed nothing.)

The file browser, imho, should be more looking like a tree view than this
current directory list. Well in fact it's a matter of taste, so maybe it
should come in more than one taste, like the NetRW vim plugin.

Sometimes when editing, the "hey browser, please take me back to that file's
i'm editing directory" command would be useful (well, to me it would be life
saving, but hey our needs are not the same depending on what we doing)

> 2. Would be nice if file browser changes the current directory to
> > this.
> File manager tends to change to the last-opened directory, and then the
> project-directories. I suspect that is better than what you suggest, but
> am certainly open for discussion.

I prefer rhe second option too (last opened dir, then project), but the (yet
famous) "hey browser, please take me back to that file's i'm editing
directory" would combine both and makes everybody happy? :)

and the pida-remote seems really great, i'm going to look at it right now :)

Thanks for all this great work you're doing on pida, this tiny editor (ok,
along with vim) is yet the best available around :)

Best regards


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