Le lundi 25 février 2008 à 12:16 -0800, Francois a écrit :
> Thanks too for your kind words Ali ...

I'm also impressed by your document. I didn't have the time to read
everything, but I will.

> So if I have your permission I will put those ideas with great
> pleasure on the Trac.
> I'm not sure but after I registered, I was not able to create a new
> ticket on the Trac at http://pida.co.uk/trac/newticket
> Error: Forbidden
> TICKET_CREATE privileges are required to perform this operation
> What's wrong (sorry I'm new to Trac) ?

I, too, have problems with Trac. I can no longer modify pages, and I
have the same error if I try to submit a ticket.

Tito, I see you have changed something to fight against spam. Can you
help us on this ? My login is d_rol.


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