Hello, everyone;

I'm sure this is some sort of newbie mistake, but when I launch PIDA
(installed with Macports), I get this message:

$ pida
VIM - Vi IMproved 7.1 (2007 May 12, compiled Jun 23 2008 14:59:05)
Unknown option argument: "--servername"
More info with: "vim -h"

If it makes any difference, vim was installed like this:

   sudo port install vim-app +gtk2 +huge

Vim is version 7.1.311

The PIDA port version is 0.5.1_0

`port info pida` results in:

PIDA 0.5.1, devel/PIDA (Variants: universal)

The Python Integrated Development Application

Library Dependencies: py25-gtk, py25-gnome, py25-zlib, kiwi, librsvg,
Platforms: darwin
Maintainers: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

If anyone can provide any pointers, I would really appreciate it.


Ben Chapman
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