On Jun 23, 5:44 pm, Ali Afshar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Yes, at a guess, the Vim you need is Vim that will run using an XServer
> (for embedding and for remote communication with PIDA) and I doubt the
> Vim.app native version does either of those things. You might well end
> up having two Vims installed.
> Ali

The (incorrect) version of gvim was installed with vim-app through the
mac port application. Here's a kludgy workaround, but at least it's
enough to get me started with pida.

$ sudo port install vim +gtk2
$ sudo rm /opt/local/bin/gvim

The reason that we need to remove the gvim is that gvim segfaults as
soon as it forks. So, we need to keep it from forking (until someone
who understands more about this can come up with a better solution).
Here's one way to do this: replace /opt/local/bin/gvim with this two-
line bash script:

$ more /opt/local/bin/gvim

#!/usr/bin/env bash
/opt/local/bin/vim -g --nofork $@

I'm sure this is sub-optimal, but it worked for me.


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