BenChapman wrote:
> Ali,
>> Hi, I am not a Mac user, but it seems that your Vim is not compiled with
>> client/server. Vim-gtk usually is, so that is a bit odd. Any other Mac
>> users out there?
>> Ali
> Hi - Thanks for taking the time to reply! I'm on the trail of the
> solution. gvim was actually a wrapper pointing at the that I
> normally use on the Mac, which is not client-server (for some reason).
> I am close to getting the right paths, etc. When I get it solved, I
> will report back
Yes, at a guess, the Vim you need is Vim that will run using an XServer 
(for embedding and for remote communication with PIDA) and I doubt the native version does either of those things. You might well end 
up having two Vims installed.


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