On Jan 15, 5:04 am, Ryan Freckleton <ryan.freckle...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello PIDA developers and community,
> One of my coworkers (Tim Flink, who wrote this list earlier) and I are
> interested in developing Java support for PIDA with the goal of using it as
> our primary java IDE.
> If we succeed in adding this support, would you be interested in receiving
> our patches into mainline? We're planning doing our work in public branches
> on bitbucket and keeping them synced with main.
Yup, we are interested

> This assumes that our code is up to par with quality, tests, etc.
Tests is still a big grey area, quality is a moving target we attack
via peer-review.
I'd happy to provide additional review for you, if requested.

The basic premise Sounds fine, we might want to investigate on running
java-related things via a execnet->jython bridge.
We currently lack a concept of generic build systems, so currently it
would be necessary to indirect via puilder
(our simple builtin task-based build tool)
At some point i plan to make the Project support build tool agnostic,
so java based Projects could directly use ant/maven.
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