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  '''Estimated Development Effort:'''  medium
  === Agreed Work, Unknown Approach ===
+ ==== Move Piggybank out of Contrib ====
+ Currently Pig hosts Piggybank (our repository of user contributed UDFs) as 
part of our contrib.  This is not ideal for a couple of reasons.  One, it means 
those who
+ wish to share their UDFs have to go through the rigor of the patch process.  
Two, since contrib is tied to releases of the main product, there is no way for 
+ to share functions for older versions or quickly disseminate their new 
functions.  If Piggybank were instead more similar to CPAN than users could 
upload their own
+ packages with little assistance from Pig committers and specify what versions 
of Pig the function is for.  This could be done via hosting site such as github.
+ '''Category:'''  Usability
+ '''Dependency:'''
+ '''References:'''
+ '''Estimated Development Effort:'''  small
  ==== Clarify Pig Latin Semantics ====
  There are areas of Pig Latin semantics that are not clear or not consistent.  
Take for example, a script like:

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