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  '''Estimated Development Effort:'''  medium
  === Agreed Work, Unknown Approach ===
+ ==== Support Append in Pig ====
+ Appending to HDFS files is supported in Hadoop 0.21.  None of Pig's standard 
load functions support append.  We need to decide if append is added to 
+ the language itself (is there an APPEND modifier to the STORE command?) or if 
each store function needs to decide how to indicate or allow appending on its 
own.  !PigStorage
+ should support append as users are likely to want it.
+ '''Category:'''  New Functionality
+ '''Dependency:''' Hadoop 0.21 or later
+ '''References:'''
+ '''Estimated Development Effort:'''  small
  ==== Move Piggybank out of Contrib ====
  Currently Pig hosts Piggybank (our repository of user contributed UDFs) as 
part of our contrib.  This is not ideal for a couple of reasons.  One, it means 
those who
  wish to share their UDFs have to go through the rigor of the patch process.  
Two, since contrib is tied to releases of the main product, there is no way for 

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