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> > > > Good to know! This Pike noob was getting worried! It just
> > > > seemed to me - at first glance - that Pike should be as
> > > > popular in the Web development domain as Ruby for example.
> > > > I was beginning to think that Pike was all but buried!
> > >
> > > Hmm, Pike's a bit more niche than Ruby, so it's never going
> > > to be quite as popular or as visible. But it is incredibly
> > > useful, and as such, won't die easily :)
> >
> > Out of curiosity, what IS Pike's niche? For some reason I always
> > supposed that it was web back-ends.
> That and MUD servers, largely. It's also very good at eternal
> uptime (since it makes on-the-fly updates easy). I use Pike for
> my MUD server, my MUD client, my Twitch channel bot, and a
> variety of other things. Of course, it's also a general-purpose
> language with a rich standard library, so there'll be times when
> it's the right choice even if it isn't specifically its niche
> (for example, I have a savefile analyzer for Europa Universalis
> IV written in Pike, partly to take advantage of socket services
> and async I/O, and partly because of the LR Parser module).
> > BTW, IS there an IRC channel for Pike users?
> Not sure. I don't use IRC, other than for my Twitch bot.

Awesome! So it seems to me that Pike should be able to give Ruby,
PHP, Perl, Python etc a good run for their money in the Web
backends domain. So what's kept it from being a strong contender?

I'm just wondering what's wrong with ti? The docs? The community
somehow? Poor marketing? Not noob friendly? What?

I'm not trolling! I just want to get a sense of what Pike is all
about and where its heading. TIA ...

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