I've also written a couple things. A library for interfacing with spacewalk, 
and another for nessus security scanner.  Plus a few random things here and 
there.  Mostly quick and dirty things...

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> Duke Normandin wrote:
> >Awesome! So it seems to me that Pike should be able to give Ruby,
> >PHP, Perl, Python etc a good run for their money in the Web
> >backends domain.
> It does, actually.

It's odd then that Pike is never mentioned on Slashdot or Hacker
News etc! There's not even an IRC channel for it. Other than your
own site, do you know of any others besides roxen.com?

> > So what's kept it from being a strong contender?
> >I'm just wondering what's wrong with ti? The docs? The community
> >somehow? Poor marketing? Not noob friendly? What?
> If you want to generalise (it's never good to generalise), I'd say
> it is "poor marketing".  Then again even that is a very loosely
> defined term.

Poor marketing was my first impression. That's why I suggested that
the Pike language should show up on https://learnxinyminutes.com/.
Free advertising and could be great advocacy.

> I'm using it (very succesfully) for my own:
> - Various custom data-conversion import/export scripts.
> - Web backend to some websites.
> - REST-API backend for some services (either high performance
>  or high security; it can excel in both).
> - High performance custom SMTP server implementation.
> - High performance interface to PostgreSQL (yes, Pike has better
>  database drivers than the standard libpq drivers that come with
>  PostgreSQL).
> - To interface to the API of various cloudservices (e.g. Google
> Cloudservice).

Swell! Wouldn't your success be an inspiration for others to at
least test-drive Pike? A real, juicy, no-holds-barred, language
flame war would be just the thing! On IRC/Hackers News/Slashdot! LOL
Just kidding! But you get the point hopefully. Exposure! Exposure!
Exposure! Hopefully this would also result in more tutorials,
How-Tos, etc and therefore more hits on search engines.

My 2 cents/pence/farthings/et al


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