Duke Normandin wrote:
>Awesome! So it seems to me that Pike should be able to give Ruby,
>PHP, Perl, Python etc a good run for their money in the Web
>backends domain.

It does, actually.

> So what's kept it from being a strong contender?

>I'm just wondering what's wrong with ti? The docs? The community
>somehow? Poor marketing? Not noob friendly? What?

If you want to generalise (it's never good to generalise), I'd say
it is "poor marketing".  Then again even that is a very loosely defined

>I'm not trolling! I just want to get a sense of what Pike is all
>about and where its heading. TIA ...

I'm using it (very succesfully) for my own:
- Various custom data-conversion import/export scripts.
- Web backend to some websites.
- REST-API backend for some services (either high performance
  or high security; it can excel in both).
- High performance custom SMTP server implementation.
- High performance interface to PostgreSQL (yes, Pike has better
  database drivers than the standard libpq drivers that come with
- To interface to the API of various cloudservices (e.g. Google Cloudservice).

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