Hi Janos and list,

maybe it's a bit overkill but can also be an interesting way to handle
this :

why not use database table prefix?
Maybe "piler_" as a default value.
Or a custom prefix defined in config?

You could start using it with the problematic "group" table and extend
that concept in the future if it proofs feasible.

The reason why it came to my mind :
I had a few mediawiki installations in the past few months and they are
using table prefix over there.
This would allow multiple installations of piler if your are limited to
use one single database. Don't know if that applies to someone building
a mailarchive ...


> Dear piler users,
> I'd like to get your help with
> https://bitbucket.org/jsuto/piler/issues/1058/database-table-name-group-reserved-keyword
> The issue is about finding a better name for the group table.
> The problem is that "group" is a reserved keyword in sql, so
> you need to backtick it in a query like select * from `group`;
> The reason that I picked this reserved word back then is because
> I didn't find a better word for describing a group of users than
> 'group'.
> I've just looked up https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/group?s=t
> and search for synonyms, but I'm stuck. I don't want to come up
> with a silly word instead of 'group'.
> So I'd like you to vote to either keep the table name as group
> and use `group` in your queries or recommend a better word. In
> the latter case we need to rename the group table to the new name
> which is a trivial task, though still some manual intervention
> at an upgrade to the upcoming 1.3.12 (I haven't started working
> on it yet).
> Janos

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