Hello BKH,

you are right. The postinstall created cron entries indeed have
watch_sphinx_main_index.sh, however such script doesn't exist.

The original purpose of the script would be to display a warning
on the health page when the main1.* files have been grown pretty
large and it's worth to open main2.

I'll create this script, until then I suggest you to comment out
this cron entry.

Thank you for noticing this issue ;-)


On 2021-03-08 01:35, BKH wrote:
Hello Janos,

i did a fresh install of Piler 1.3.11 an got some errors regarding
cronjob  "3 * * * *
After looking into "/usr/local/libexec/piler/" i found out that
„watch_sphinx_main_index.sh“ is missing.

Just to be sure i did a fesh install of piler 1.3.10 and noticed that
the same file ist missing too.
Even the developer version shows this behavior.

Is this the expected way when there is a entry in cronjob which calls this file?


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