Roland Mas, 2008-07-10 09:03:58 +0200 :

> Hm.  I managed to get it running in a sid Qemu too, but not in a
> clean account on my main box.  I guess I'll try to sort-of-bisect
> between these two environments.  Maybe additional packages create
> conflicts, or a library from the wrong JVM/JRA/Jwhatever is loaded,
> since there are a few Jthings installed here (mainly for Openoffice,
> apparently).

I compared the results of "aptitude search ~djava | grep ^i" in the
Qemu and the main box after installing Openoffice, and found no
relevant difference (apart from some Mozilla-related libs).  Still
runs in the Qemu, still doesn't outside.  I'll try diffing the outputs
of strace, just in case, but I'd appreciate some more ideas on how to
debug that.

Roland Mas

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