Il giorno lun, 22/12/2008 alle 15.14 +0100, Andreas Putzo ha scritto:
> > About that, isn't that the case to follow josm versioning (i.e. svn release)
> > instead of the timestamp-like version used currently ? 
> My understanding is that this is more or less a matter of personal
> preference. But josm now has a 'latest more or less stable' svn revision
> which might be easier to distinguish than a timestamp-like version.

I think too it's better to use the svn release versioning, which is
easier to match with the upstream status than the timstamp. And also the
"more or less stable" revision is a good idea, because makes us able to
select the better version to package.

Unfortunately upstream has also made some not very Debian friendly
changes, mainly those who concern i18n. We'll have to create the
tarballs picking stuff both from and from, and then adapt the ant files to behave correctly.

I'm planning to have some time to try to do so during the Christmas
Holidays (this year I begun with university, so I haven't had much time
so far...).

Cheers, Giovanni.
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Pisa, Italy

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