This is still present in 1.8.3-2.1 and the fix is simply to remove the line

#define H5_USE_16_API_DEFAULT 1

from /usr/include/H5pubconf.h, Or surround it with

#define H5_USE_16_API_DEFAULT 1

This would give those users who, like me, have software written for 1.8 API, 
the possibility to compile it without altering the code. My example is the 
SAMRAI library, which is smart enough to support both 1.6 and 1.8, by 
#ifdefing stuff like this:

#if (H5_VERS_MAJOR>1) || ((H5_VERS_MAJOR==1)&&(H5_VERS_MINOR > 6))

But it trusts 1.8 library to use 1.8 API! Or at least that there would be a 
way to make it use 1.8 syntax without altering the code or libhdf5's headers.

I would also suggest bumping up the severity: this breaks unrelated software, 
albeit none from Debian that I am aware, so I am not sure what would be 


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