> Sorry guys:
> ifeq (armel, $(DEB_HOST_ARCH))
> CC = gcc -march=armv6
> CXX = g++ -march=armv6
> export CC
> export CXX
> endif
> That's actually not going to work for "armel" hardware...  "armel" is
> currently built as "armv4t", so "-march=armv6" is going to cause
> invalid instruction faults on devices running armel..

That's deliberate. The V8 library requires ARMv6 + VFP2, and some
armel systems will have that hardware, so the idea is to get nodejs
working on those systems. (Raspberry Pi?)

The next step would be to get it to fail gracefully, rather than just
crash, on other armel systems, presumably by checking the auxiliary
vector (getauxval).

By the way, the patch above modified configure and debian/rules. I
think the change to debian/rules makes the change to configure
redundant: you only need to add those 6 lines to debian/rules; if you
use an ARMv6 compiler, the rest works. I'll get back to you if the
latest build fails.

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