Le 15 septembre 2015 23:44:25 GMT+02:00, Edmund Grimley Evans 
<edmund.grimley.ev...@gmail.com> a écrit :
>> Sorry guys:
>> ifeq (armel, $(DEB_HOST_ARCH))
>> CC = gcc -march=armv6
>> CXX = g++ -march=armv6
>> export CC
>> export CXX
>> endif
>> That's actually not going to work for "armel" hardware...  "armel" is
>> currently built as "armv4t", so "-march=armv6" is going to cause
>> invalid instruction faults on devices running armel..
>That's deliberate. The V8 library requires ARMv6 + VFP2, and some
>armel systems will have that hardware, so the idea is to get nodejs
>working on those systems. (Raspberry Pi?)
>The next step would be to get it to fail gracefully, rather than just
>crash, on other armel systems, presumably by checking the auxiliary
>vector (getauxval).

Could we get  information why they nees this ? And what is the porting effort 
needed? Btw openning upstream bug for a pure c ans slow implémentation will ne 
worthwhile. Un case of problems with compile chain we could fallback to slow 
but debuggable code.
>By the way, the patch above modified configure and debian/rules. I
>think the change to debian/rules makes the change to configure
>redundant: you only need to add those 6 lines to debian/rules; if you
>use an ARMv6 compiler, the rest works. I'll get back to you if the
>latest build fails.
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