On 28/10/2016 15:24, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> IMHO, you could join the team if you haven't, commit your changes, and

OK, I have sent a couple of commits to
they are the changes with higher priority (0.1.3-2).

As I am not 100% sure I get the team upload process right, let's get
this through first; for the next one I'll pull the new upstream version.

> do a team upload instead; while on it also do some random QA, like:
>  * https in Vcs-*


>  * debhelper compat 10
>  * bump std-ver

These I'd keep on hold until we do 0.4.3-1.

> Feel free to ask here for sponsorship, I'll happily review your package
> and upload it.

Mattia please review the first batch of changes, and sponsor the upload
if it's OK.

> Also I'm keeping you in Cc, but please tell me if you're subscribed to
> the list, so I'll drop you from the explicit recipients.

I joined the list !


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