On 30/10/2016 11:40, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> also Vcs-Git please.


>>>  * debhelper compat 10
>>>  * bump std-ver
>> These I'd keep on hold until we do 0.4.3-1.
> ok, but I find weird that you bumped std-ver 3.9.5 → 3.9.6 then…
> You could have gone all the way to 3.9.8, since no changes are needed
> for this package anyway.
> https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist

The reason is that 3.9.6 is the current one on jessie. But will 0.1.3-2
ever get to jessie ?

> Other things::
>  * you changed d/watch to point to somebody else's repo in github,
>    writing "Fix d/watch".  You're not saying what that fixes; it
>    should really work both ways, since there is a redirect.
>    Also please use more descriptive messagges in changelog


The old watch faile is currently failing on
whereas the redirect works on:

Probably we're all on the bleeding edge (tracker.d.o) but people who
click on the Developer Information (PTS) link on packages.d.o still land
on packages.qa.d.o

>  * you can remove the '[ Paolo Greppi ]' from the changelog, since
>    everything is from you anyway.


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