That's a very helpful overview, and it makes it clear that it's quite a
lot of work.

Going through the latest news and the WNPP queue I can see that:
- node-detect-file has been ACCEPTED into unstable this morning
- node-cache-base has been ACCEPTED into unstable yesterday
- node-os-homedir has an ITP bug

Several other node modules have no ITP yet, but a repo is present in indicating that work is

It would be helpful to (programmatically) cross-link the info about the
existing packages' trackers, the ITPs and the alioth repos in the task
page. I could hack a python script to poll the UDD API and a crude grep
of the directory listing

But I don't how that script would fit in the current infrastructure ...


On 30/10/2016 12:02, Pirate Praveen wrote:
> We are also waiting to update node-findup-sync for grunt, but it needs a
> few more dependencies to be packaged (they are waiting for packages in NEW)
> See

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