On 12/10/2016 07:26 AM, Paolo Greppi wrote:
> The most popular suffix separator for dfsg is + (694 times), last comes
> ~dfsg (79 times) and finally -dfsg (15 times).
> ?

~ sorts before [a-z], + sorts after [a-z]

I have used 1.2.3-1~exp1 sometimes, because then I can use 1.2.3-1 for
the next upload to unstable once I know that it worked in experimental.

If you exclude something from the upstream tarball because it is not
allowed in Debian, then to stop repacking the tarball you need a new
fixed version (without the offending file in the tarball) to be released
upstream. Then 1.2.3+dfsg-1 makes a lot of sense, because if upstream
fix it, the next version will always be higher than 1.2.3 (e.g 1.2.4).

The only advantage to using ~ that I can think of, is if we change the
rules and the offending file was now "free", you could just drop the
~dfsg. Unless others can think of another use case?



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