Hi Raoul,

On 03/20/17 02:22, Raoul Snyman wrote:
> Thanks for the warning. I've actually looked at this issue before, and
> while jQuery Mobile does not work against jQuery by itself, once you add
> the jQuery Migrate (libjs-jquery-migrate-1), then jQuery Mobile
> continues to work without problems.

Good to know.

> Perhaps libjs-jquery-mobile needs to depend on libjs-jquery-migrate-1 ?

If that is all, that would be a great solution to the problem at hand
indeed. Does it require other adaptations? I guess one would need to
guarantee that the migrate calls are actually included. How did you do
that? I guess every package depending on libjs-jquery-mobile would need
to load the libjs-jquery-migrate calls? Do you know if this can be done
inside libjs-jquery-mobile itself?


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