Hi Paul,

If that is all, that would be a great solution to the problem at hand
indeed. Does it require other adaptations? I guess one would need to
guarantee that the migrate calls are actually included. How did you do
that? I guess every package depending on libjs-jquery-mobile would need
to load the libjs-jquery-migrate calls? Do you know if this can be done
inside libjs-jquery-mobile itself?

Sadly it's not quite that simple. The application using libjs-jquery-mobile has to also pull in libjs-jquery-migrate, this is how openlp does it. Unfortunately client-side Javascript libraries are not like libraries in other languages like Python where the library internally refers to the other libraries. In client-side Javascript the developer using the libraries has to manually include the dependencies in their code.

Here's the documentation for using jQuery Migrate: https://github.com/jquery/jquery-migrate/tree/1.x-stable#readme

I'm not associated with jQuery Mobile other than through OpenLP's usage of it, so I don't know what their plan is going forward. I do know, however, that OpenLP is moving away from jQuery (I'm one of the developers), so it won't be a problem for too much longer in the openlp package.


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