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On 20-03-17 21:32, Raoul Snyman wrote:
>> If that is all, that would be a great solution to the problem at hand
>> indeed. Does it require other adaptations? I guess one would need to
>> guarantee that the migrate calls are actually included. How did you do
>> that? I guess every package depending on libjs-jquery-mobile would need
>> to load the libjs-jquery-migrate calls? Do you know if this can be done
>> inside libjs-jquery-mobile itself?
> Sadly it's not quite that simple. The application using
> libjs-jquery-mobile has to also pull in libjs-jquery-migrate, this is
> how openlp does it. Unfortunately client-side Javascript libraries are
> not like libraries in other languages like Python where the library
> internally refers to the other libraries. In client-side Javascript the
> developer using the libraries has to manually include the dependencies
> in their code.

Exactly as I expected indeed.

> Here's the documentation for using jQuery Migrate:
> https://github.com/jquery/jquery-migrate/tree/1.x-stable#readme

Have you tested your workaround with libjs-jquery-migrate-1 recently?
The jQuery package in Debian got upgraded to 3.1.1 last October and I
read on the page you link above:
Note that jQuery 3.0 has a separate version of jQuery Migrate. The two
versions cannot be used simultaneously on a page, so you should fix any
upgrade issues identified by Migrate 1.x before attempting an upgrade.
which leaves me to wonder if your package is now broken (including the
embedded version you normally ship), or that the jQuery Migrate design
is such that the 3.0 version is just meant to fix issue that arose from
delta's between 2 and 3, and Migrate 1 even works for delta's between 1
and 3. It sounds to me only delta's over one major release are included,
which would make the libjs-jquery-migrate-1 package in Debian useless.


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