Hi Paul,

Have you tested your workaround with libjs-jquery-migrate-1 recently?
The jQuery package in Debian got upgraded to 3.1.1 last October and I
read on the page you link above:

Hrm, I hadn't noticed this. Thanks for the heads up.

which leaves me to wonder if your package is now broken (including the
embedded version you normally ship), or that the jQuery Migrate design
is such that the 3.0 version is just meant to fix issue that arose from
delta's between 2 and 3, and Migrate 1 even works for delta's between 1
and 3. It sounds to me only delta's over one major release are included,
which would make the libjs-jquery-migrate-1 package in Debian useless.

Indeed, I just tested it and the workaround doesn't work anymore. Thankfully it doesn't actually break the application, just one small feature within it that doesn't affect the rest of the operation of the application.

Again, upstream bundles the correct versions in the source, so I could easily drop the dependency and just use the bundled libraries (although it's not really the way we should be doing things in Debian).


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