Jérémy Lal writes ("Bug#862051: nodejs (6.11.2~dfsg-1) experimental; 
> Maybe i didn't express myself properly: the idea is to keep /usr/bin/nodejs
> until it's no longer needed - be it other debian packages or other user
> scripts.

Earlier you said only "other Debian packages":

   My plan was to simply keep /usr/bin/nodejs around for some time
   until no debian package rely on it.

Now you say "other user scripts".  I don't know how you would ever
tell whether "other user scripts" were relying on it.  There is no way
to for us to tell what people are doing on their computers (and nor
should there be).

> If it was to be really removed, it shouldn't be done without some
> deprecation warning and time for users to notice and change their
> code.

Why would you bother with a deprecation warning, and forcing a lot of
users to change their code ?  Why not just leave the symlink
permanently ?


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