Philip Hands writes ("Bug#862051: nodejs (6.11.2~dfsg-1) experimental; 
> I guess that one could do something like moving the symlink into another
> -legasy style package, and recomend that from the main package for one
> release to keep upgrades happy. Then drop the recomendation, and wait
> for popcon to show that people are not installing the package any more.
> Then remove the package in testing early in a cycle and see if anyone
> reports bugs about it.

Even that would be quite unfriendly, because third party scripts might
easily be deployed onto new Debian installs as well as existing ones.

Also, it is imposing an administrative burden on all Debian users (the
metadata for the -legacy package, spurious search hits, etc.).  That
burden might be small but would be completely unjustified.


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