For the first time since GCC-5 hit in July, I got brave enough to upgrade my 
machine.  All looks good except that I lost digikam in the process :-(

I'm a DD and willing to help out with uploads.  Where can I start?

The present package is not installable and, judging from the BTS, not 
buildable.  The last upload is about a year ago, though I see 4.12 in the VCS 
(2 months ago).  Upstream released 4.14 a month ago.  However it's unclear to 
me whether a 4.x version will even work with Sid's libraries (KDE Frameworks 
5.13, Plasma 5.4 and Applications 15.04, according to 
https://wiki.debian.org/KDE).  Would one be better off with the beta of 
Digikam 5.x?  I'm a little nervous trusting my picture collection to beta 

So where to start: 4.12, 4.14, or 5.0?

Advice appreciated.


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