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So where to start: 4.12, 4.14, or 5.0?

4.x is for QT4, so for kde5, you should use 5.0

Advice appreciated.

Folow the instruction at


./bootstrap.linux  is by far the trickest part as you need a lot of dev
stuff that +some packages are not available in debian yet:

     1) a recent kipi that comes with digikam but that yo should install
     2) opencv 3.0.0 that you should manaully compile that in turn needs
libopenexr22 (that is in unstable)
     3) libkqoauth-dev that I picked up from ubuntu + some hacking for

Further hacking was needed on this one : the Makefile at the root dir that is used by debian/rules has been generated with qmake from qt4. You need to regenerate it using qt5 qmake, fix the script that generates the package dependency (.pc is wrong otherwyse), and fix the mkspecs location in the .install

Feel free to ask me for modified package sources...

     4) I have managed doing this to compile almost until the end but I
have an unresolved when compiling an obscure test that I still need to
  91%] Building CXX object

/usr/bin/ld: ../../app/libdigikamcore.so.5.0.0: référence au symbole non
défini «_ZNK16KLocalizedString4subsERK7QStringi5QChar»
//usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libKF5I18n.so.5: error adding symbols: DSO
missing from command line
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
core/tests/facesengine/CMakeFiles/traindb.dir/build.make:137: recipe for
target 'core/tests/facesengine/traindb' failed
make[2]: *** [core/tests/facesengine/traindb] Error 1

This was a bug upstream that is now fixed in git. I have now a running
digikam (I juts needed to remove manually a plugin that did crash at

The crash was due to the fact that kqoauth upstream and ubuntu version I picked is still compiled for qt4 by default.

-- eric

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