In data venerdì 8 dicembre 2017 12:55:13 CET, Jeremy Bicha ha scritto:
> On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 1:20 AM, Pino Toscano <> wrote:
> > It looks to me this allows users to install gtk2-engine-oxygen without
> > actually pulling gtk2, which IMHO is the thing that needs to be fixed
> > instead.
> gtk3 uses CSS theming instead of engines that have to be compiled
> against the gtk library so I consider the gtk side of this theme issue
> to already be fixed. (The theming overhaul is definitely not
> backportable to gtk2.)
> Someone shouldn't need to have gtk2 installed just because they
> install a theme that happens to provide gtk2 support.

I see two possibilities in this case (feel free to add more, of course):
a) gtk2-engines-oxygen is installed via some desktop environment
b) it is installed manually by the user, because they use gtk2-based

(b) is not something this "solution" would solve, since gtk2 is
installed already because of the application

Regarding (a), this is exactly what I mentioned above in the part you
quoted.  If we install it automatically somehow, then we should do it
only in case some gtk2 application is installed because of the same
reason (i.e. the metapackage).  Otherwise, recommending (or just
suggesting) this theme could partially solve this.

In general, I do not see the point in allowing "plugins for Foo" as
installable/installed when "Foo" is not.

> Let me point out that since 2011 Kubuntu has been making basically the
> same change I've proposed here.

There are various things that kubuntu does wrong, and that I needed to
fix in the past and in recent times. "kubuntu did it" is not a magical
sentence to bring the same mistakes also in Debian.

> > Control: tag -1 - patch
> That seems like an unusual way to manage bugs. This bug definitely
> does have a patch attached.

Sadly, the Debian BTS does not have other ways to indicate when there
is an *useful* patch in a bug.  Since, so far, I do not see the provided
patch as such, then I do not consider this bug as "has a patch".

As side note: this way of managing tags is not something I made up from
day to night, but something DDs were doing already when I joined.

Pino Toscano

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