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> To be honest, I do not see this as wrong case: while it is not something
> clear for users, OTOH I do not think it is good to install themes and
> plugins for libraries and frameworks, even if they are not installed by
> default (and possibly not going to be used).  This is also for the case
> mentioned above: I would not like that users have plugins for gtk2,
> gtk3, qt4, qt5, ibus, scim, uim, etc, just because they might be used
> at some point.  This IMHO is just a way to clutter the users' systems.

The "clutter" for numix-gtk-theme to provide gtk2 support is 25k, plus
324k for the Murrine gtk2 engine. (The rest of the Numix theme is
about 2.3 MB.)

The "clutter" required to install gtk2 is about 6.5 MB here.

A good way to irritate users is to force them to manually install a
gtk2 version of their theme if they want their gtk2 apps to not look

> Here we disagree.  IMHO this is a workaround to the situation, not a
> real solution.

I think the "real solution" is conditional depends in apt. If
libgtk2.0-0 is installed and numix-gtk-theme is installed, then
install numix-gtk2-theme. But that feature doesn't exist so we need a
workaround. I think my proposal is the best workaround we have.

Jeremy Bicha

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