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> In general, I do not see the point in allowing "plugins for Foo" as
> installable/installed when "Foo" is not.

I am also making a similar change for input methods. If a user is
using ibus, they should not have to manually install ibus-gtk (the
gtk2 version) if they later install a gtk2 app. And I don't think it's
a good idea to have gtk2 recommend every gtk2 theme engine and input

> I see two possibilities in this case (feel free to add more, of course):

The problem here is a bit theoretical since there doesn't seem to be
any gtk3 version of Oxygen (at least not in Debian) and therefore, the
package is not very useful since most maintained gtk apps use gtk3
now. So let me substitute with a better example:

c) In the near future, it will be possible to install Debian GNOME
without gtk2 pre-installed. A Debian GNOME user installs the Numix
theme and makes it their default theme. A few weeks later, the user
decides to install a gtk2 app like Inkscape. I think it's wrong to
require the user to manually install a theoretical numix-gtk2-theme
package to fix their theming. I also think it's wrong to force a user
to have gtk2 installed just because a theme they want to use happens
to support gtk2.

Keeping gtk2 installed by default is a subtle suggestion to developers
that it's ok for their app to use gtk2. But like qt4, it's not ok.

My proposal is a simple fix for these problems. While it looks a bit
strange at first, it's a harmless change that fixes actual problems.
This certainly isn't the only use of the shlibdeps override in Debian.

> There are various things that kubuntu does wrong, and that I needed to
> fix in the past and in recent times. "kubuntu did it" is not a magical
> sentence to bring the same mistakes also in Debian.

Ok, well the developer who made that change is Scott Kitterman who is
a Debian Developer and not a Kubuntu developer any more.

Jeremy Bicha

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