On Thursday 03 July 2008, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> So please. Let us adopt the way dch does it so we don't have to change and
> adapt the changelog all the time.  This also have the advantage that doing
> automatic processing, dch can do the changelog handling instead of own
> scripts.

We should at least move over to the "[ /me ]" format instead of "++ /me", so 
we don't have to keep changing that.  We might as well adopt the "standard" 
behaviour if it doesn't hurt.

What's really missing here is the ability to *only sometimes* use multimaint 
mode in dch.  Currently, it's either always-on or always-off, when what would 
be far more useful would be an option to enable it only for a few 
names/addresses specified in the config file.  That would be a wishlist bug 
against devscripts, and a much-needed one for any team-maintained package.

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