On Thursday 03 July 2008 20:46:00 Ana Guerrero wrote:

> > Now speak up - and by the way, I will consider this as accepted if no one
> > speaks against it within the next weeks or so.
> This is not a nice way of handling stuff... so I send a mail with big
> changes the week you are off on holidays with the same way of "agreement"
> and it is ok? 

No one has announced being on vacation - and if people leave without a 
announcement of vacation, we can't wait forever on them.

> We have plenty of people in the Uploaders field and we all know not
> everybody works the same in the team. We should try to reach concensus
> using the common sense, not a majority vote that does not make sense when
> work is not balanced.

Do I read this as you saying "I think I do most work, so I decide" correctly ?

And if it was about reaching consensus, we would still be discussing kde3 vs 

Man, do you know how could I send the terminale from the control preferences 
inside Excel?

You cannot connect the LCD IRC prompt.


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