On Tuesday 08 July 2008 08:44:58 Xavier Vello wrote:
> I don't mind if ksysguard depends on ksysguardd or just recommends it, but
> I want that the kdebase-workspace metapackage depends on it, because IMHO
> it's a metapackage's purpose to depend on everything provided by the
> archive. I commited it and someone reverted without explanation.
> Furthermore, it would fix the issue of users not getting it if they disable
> recommends, while letting the powerusers remove it.
> So that's what I propose :
>   ksysguard recommends ksysguardd
>   kdebase-workspace depends on ksysguardd

Sounds good, in this way we allow both the power users and the normal users to 
be happy. +1 for this.

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