I'm fine with ~/.kde for KDE4. However:

2009 m. Vasaris 4 d., trečiadienis, Sune Vuorela rašė:
> The first group of the users we are screwing should just do a cp .kde kde3
> if they are unsure.
The question is how you are going to communicate with such users (as well as 
current experimental users)? I disagree that changing a line in variables.mk 
and forgetting about it is the way to go. It might be enough for users of 
individual kde applications, but not for the users of the KDE desktop. What is 
more, I don't think that a mail to mailing list and a note in release notes 
are enough. 

> The second group of users managed to migrate from .kde to .kde4. They
> should be able to migrate back as well.
Probably they will if we let all of them know that they should do that.

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