On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 11:13:16PM +0100, Armin Berres wrote:
> On Tue, 03 Feb 09 22:53, Armin Berres wrote:
> > The current situation is, that KDE 3 applications use ~/.kde and KDE 4 
> > applications use ~/.kde4. The problem with this approach is, that no 
> > data/settings are automatically converted to be used by KDE 4.
> > 
> > The question is now: should we
> > a) continue to use ~/.kde4 for KDE 4 applications
> > b) use ~/.kde for KDE 4 applications.
> When looking at the thread it seems as if we will go with b).
> The question is now: Is anyone working on any kind of conversion tool?
> Of yes, wht is the timeframe until it will be usable?

Yeah, it looks like b) is prefered. So let's plan with this option.

In case nobody is interested in (or have time for) doing a settings migrating 
tool for the stuff that is not migrated by the apps [1], we always can setup a 
page (and also maybe a README in the packages?) with some hints for migrating 
the stuff and have some pointer when people yells: WHERE IS MY EMAIL?

We have several cases:
- User of KDE 3 going to KDE 4 when it enters in unstable. (base case)
- Current user of KDE 4.2 who have already migrated settings. (nothing to do
  in our side, they have already migrated themselves)
- And the hard one: user of KDE 3 using some KDE 4 stuff. They have .kde and
  .kde4 with data in both.


[1] For what I have understood in this thread, everything should be migrated,
and when it is not possible, being ignored. And when it is not correclty 
migrated it is a bug to report to upstream.


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