On Tue, 03 Feb 09 22:53, Armin Berres wrote:
> Hi all!
> As you all know Lenny is near, which also means that our 4.2 packages will 
> enter Unstable in the very near future. Until today, we still have not 
> decided 
> how to handle KDEHOME.
> The current situation is, that KDE 3 applications use ~/.kde and KDE 4 
> applications use ~/.kde4. The problem with this approach is, that no 
> data/settings are automatically converted to be used by KDE 4.
> The question is now: should we
> a) continue to use ~/.kde4 for KDE 4 applications
> b) use ~/.kde for KDE 4 applications.

When looking at the thread it seems as if we will go with b).
The question is now: Is anyone working on any kind of conversion tool?
Of yes, wht is the timeframe until it will be usable?



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