On Thu, 05 Feb 09 14:10, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> * Modestas Vainius [Thu, 05 Feb 2009 12:27:56 +0200]:
> > > The second group of users managed to migrate from .kde to .kde4. They
> > > should be able to migrate back as well.
> > Probably they will if we let all of them know that they should do that.
> For this group, maybe a small patch in kdelibs that raises a one-time
> pop-up if ~/.kde4 exists would be enough.

The question is where to integrate this? I don't really see it.

I'm in favour to do this right now:
Use ~/.kde as default KDEHOME and patch startkde (or whatever kind of
autostart) to show a message that it would be good to have a backup of
~/.kde if people are having important stuff in there. If they want, they
can terminate the startup, do the backup, and restart KDE.
Maybe a slightly similar message, if ~/.kde4 exists.

Non-KDE users are alone in the wild now, but yeah, what should we do.
At least right now I do not see a better solution which notifies



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