> I'm not even subscribed there ? What goes over -talk that doesn't fit onto 
> -devel ?

from http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/qtkde.html
If you want to discuss development/packaging questions with us,
come around in #debian-qt-kde on OFTC, or mail

pkg-kde-talk -- This list is a coordination channel for the KDE Packaging Team.

> Given my current knowledge about -talk (nil) I'd prefer to have everything on
> -devel to not need just another mailing list.

what do you call -devel ? do you mean pkg-kde-extras ?

My point is: this mailing list is high traffic and we missed some
mails from people.

e.g.1 Romain Beauxis mail on contributing packages
e.g. 2 your mail about git

I missed most of the request on kde-extras mailing list, so it doesn't fit
IMHO, this kind of posts belongs to -talk, which is low traffic and
can be used for sponsoring requests.

for IRC track record, pos agrees.


note: IRC is BAD and not an option ;)


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